OxyContin Drug
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Oxycontin Drug

When Oxycontin is sold as an illegal drug on the street its price more than doubles what one would pay to obtain the drug legally. Oxycontin purchased legally costs $1.25 for a 10-mg tablet. An 80-mg tablet will cost $6 when bought legally. On the other hand, the street value of this drug in a 10-mg tablet form runs between $5 and $10; an 80-mg tablet can cost a whopping $65 to $80!

This particular prescription drug is the cause of numerous pharmacy robberies, health care frauds, and international trafficking. OxyContin's widespread use is atribuated to word of mouth by users. The users word of mouth is also how OxyContin's illicit usage techniques began. This inclueds snorting, crushing, and injecting the drug. These methods cause a faster, highly dangerous release of medication.

In recent months, there have been numerous reports of OxyContin diversion and abuse in several states. Some of these reported cases have been associated with serious consequences including death. Abuse of this OxyContin in states such as Maine, Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia has brought national attention to OxyContin drug abuse.

OxyContin Drug
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