OxyContin Dose
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Oxycontin Dose

The information below about is for individuals who are prescribed OxyContin by a doctor. A dose of OxyContin for adults is usually started at one tablet every 12 hours at a dosage of 10-60mg, and may be increased gradually if patient develops a tolerance or is in extreme pain.

Dosage rarely exceeds 160mg per day. OxyContin comes in 10mg, 20mg, 40mg, and 80mg dose tablets. Eighty milligram tablets are only prescribed for opioid tolerant patients.

Patients taking 60mg doses or less can usually stop treatment abruptly without ill effect. If you take a higher dose of OxyContin, your doctor may suggest stepping down treatment gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Those who abuse OxyContin are known to take significantly higher doses. The dose one addict takes may be higher than another. This is due to how high the individual's tolerance is to OxyContin. Those addicted to OxyContin state their daily dose of OxyContin is up to 500-mg.

OxyContin Dose
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